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 Windows 8 Store won’t open and can’t solve the problem in any way...
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  Posté le 03/04/2019 @ 09:52 
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Nouvel astucien

Hi guys! As you can understand form the title, i’m having a problem with the Windows Store..Sarkari Result My laptop is a Pnr Status Sony Vaio Ultrabook, Showbox 64bit, the battery doesn’t work anymore, so it is constantly connected to an exteranl battery. I bought it years ago, and i’ve never been able to update to w8.1 as it gave me an error... Almost 1 year ago the Windows Store started not to work, i can’t open it, it just crash without giving any error message (also the apps were doing the same). Therefore, some apps’ icon disappeared, and as i could not use them, i’ve deleted all the apps. I tried ti fix the Store problem, wsreset won’t work, and so all the other solutions i’ve found online. Then i tried to perform a system reset, but it gives me an error and says to contact the producer... I only want to make my laptop work fine again... please help me i’m hopeless

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 Posté le 06/05/2019 à 11:59 
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Petite astucienne


OK my friend!in my opinion you should reinstall your Windows with the original cd/dvd that you should have I suppose!I think that afterwards your pc should work.Friendships

Pour les néophytes voici ce que cela donne en Français:

OK mon ami . A mon avis, vous devriez réinstaller votre Windows avec le CD/DVD original que vous devriez avoir je suppose ! Je pense qu’après votre PC devrait fonctionner normalement . Amitiés

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